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Hill’s x SPCA

Virtual Dogathon 2021
Dog Lovers’ Sweet Stroll

The first Hill’s X SPCA「Dogathon」 Virtual Walk

To celebrate the SPCA’s centenary, the annual Dogathon will be held as a virtual walk for the very first time! With the themed "Dog Lovers' Sweet Stroll", this year’s Dogathon calls on all dog owners and their lovely fur-buddies to enjoy quality time with each other, while wishing all homeless animals to be adopted soon. Let’s share your love and happiness with every animal!

Take your dogs on a 100-minute virtual walk to promote the vow of “Walk through life together.”

There are no restrictions on the time and location of Dogathon 2021. Dog owners can promote the sweet vow of "Walk through life together" by taking their dogs for at least 100 minutes of walk during the campaign period.

Raise designated amount of fund and win a set of "Walk through life together" Recreational Chess

Participants are welcome to participate in the Virtual Dogathon as dog owners, couples, families or individual. Winner of the “Top Fundraiser Award” will receive a year of complimentary dog food sponsored by Hill's and other great prizes. In addition, participants who achieved fundraising target of $688 per person will receive a set of limited edition "Walk through life together" recreational chess! Enrol Now

Want to be a knowledgeable Dog Owner?

Here's the chance! With an additional donation of $1,180, you will be eligible to take part in the"A-Z" Dog Care Takeaway! Online course (8 hours of courses, in a total 6 modules). You can also join the exclusive SPCA Pet Parent Community group, to seek professional advice from our team of experts on how to take better care of your dogs!

Each successful applicant and doggie will receive:

Themed T-shirt


First 100 teams have been successfully registered will receive Early Bird Presents:

Mrorganic 2 in 1 Conditioning Dog Shampoo 300 ml ($314 Value)

2 Movie Tickets of “The Wolf and the Lion”

Upon completion, each participant and participating doggie will receive a commemorative ‘Sweet Pack’, which includes:

A finisher medal


(* All photos for reference only)

Sign up now! Enjoy the Charity Price for the products below:

Limited Theme Towel (Size: 35cm x 75cm)
Charity Price:$59 ($89)

“A-Z” Dog Care Takeaway! Online Course (Details)
Charity Price:$1,180 ($1,688)

*All photos for reference only

Team Ranking

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Total Fund Raised

HK$ 25,591

Time to Complete

200 mins


Total Fund Raised

HK$ 20,298

Time to Complete

5,185 mins

Pups of 107

Total Fund Raised

HK$ 17,500

Time to Complete

110 mins


Fifi team

Total Fund Raised

HK$ 12,700

Time to Complete

0 mins


Wing Lee Group 榮利集團

Total Fund Raised

HK$ 10,000

Time to Complete

0 mins



Total Fund Raised

HK$ 5,298

Time to Complete

860 mins



Total Fund Raised

HK$ 3,695

Time to Complete

1,131 mins


Sandy Wong

Total Fund Raised

HK$ 3,398

Time to Complete

728 mins


DB Team

Total Fund Raised

HK$ 3,295

Time to Complete

280 mins


Yendi the Dog

Total Fund Raised

HK$ 2,599

Time to Complete

411 mins

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